Hebrew Shebrew Events

Hebrew Shebrew believes in having events for fellowship, games, and a time to get to know each other. You might just meet your future spouse at one of our events. Hebrew Shebrew events are not just for members of the website but for everyone who follows Yeshua and is legally single.

Please email if you have questions, contactus@hebrewshebrew.com

Make sure you follow our Facebook page for future Hebrew Shebrew events. Join the website to meet the members We look forward to meeting you at a future Hebrew Shebrew event.

Revive 2022

We attended the Revive Conference with Hebraic Roots Network. It was a great time to meet members and to meet new friends. Of course we played some games that created great conversations about relationships.

Retreat – March 2022

We all pitched in to rent a house in TN, had Shabbat Dinner together and played lots of games. We challenged everyone to write a letter to their future spouse and to pray for them. During our Shabbat time we studied the Torah Portion through the lens of relationships. It was AMAZING! You can check out our YouTube channel to learn more. Two people met for the first time at this retreat and are getting married in September 2022. ❤️

Sukkot 2021

We attended Lion & Lamb Ministries in Chandler, OK for Sukkot as leaders of the singles ministries. Who doesn’t love camping, having great conversations around a campfire and getting to know new people. We have seen a couple of relationships that blossom that turns into a marriage. Praise Yah for using us to bring singles together.

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