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Hebrew Shebrew has created this Singles Resource Library just for you. Teachers who have written and done video’s to help you in your search for a spouse. More will be added.

Hebrew Shebrew

  • Green Flags in a Relationship
  • Red Flags in a Relationship

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Mercy Collective

  • A great local community in the Nashville area. If you are traveling through or live in the area we would love for you to join us at Mercy. John Diffenderfer did a great sermon series on The 10 Commandments of Marriage too. Check them out: Mercy Collective

Tyler Dawn Rosenquist – The Ancient Bridge

Kisha Gallagher – Grace in Torah

  • Kisha is an amazing author and teacher, she has done a great series on Role of Women. I highly encourage men and women to read the articles.

Dr. Robin Rafaela Gould – New Covenant Path

  • I have met Robin and she is am amazing woman. I love her book on Divorce. If you are needing to understand the Biblical understanding of Divorce I highly recommend reading her book. You can find it on different sites. Check out her website for other blog posts.

Safety in dating:

Torah Resource Library Hebrew Shebrew
You can look up a person’s e-mail address and phone number when you get the information! https://www.whiwtepages.com/reverse-phone is a good website to do a reverse phone lookup if/when you get their phone number. It usually blocks the person’s name, but you can check to see if the phone is wireless, landline, or a VoIP. 

[https://www.spokeo.com/email-search](https://www.spokeo.com/email-search) is great for e-mail searches. You do have to pay to get more information, but it might pull up some free information. It won’t be much. You can also do a name search on spokeo and a
background check. 

You can pay for an online background check to be done and it will provide some valuable information. I believe the cost is around 10 dollars.

https://www.nsopw.gov/ is the website to the online national sex offender registry. This one would be a good tool to look and see if there are any in your area, not just a potential spouse!

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